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Why healthy eating matters

Originated in Egypt

Falefel is orginated from Egypt. Where it is called Tamiyaa.


Falafel is made from fava beans or chickpeas, or a combination.

Did you

Falafel contains 13g of protein for every 100g of serve.

Fun fact

The current record, 74.75 kg of Falafel, was set on 28 July 2012 in Amman, Jordan.

Turkish Falafel


Explore various varieties of falefel dishes we serve.

Falafel Roll

Falafel Mushakkal

Madakk falafel with cheese

Madakk falafel with chicken

Madakk falafel with beef

Turkish falafel

Falafel with chicken roll

Falafel with beef roll

Falafel plate

Chicken falafel plate

Beef falafel plate

Turkish Falafel

Kabab & Shish Taouk

Taste of Original Turkish Dishes.

Turkish shish taouk

Turkish kabab roll

Turkish kebab plate

Turkish Falafel


Life begins after a tea.





Lemon tea

Mint tea

Masala tea

Turkish Falafel

Lime juice

You always need a refreshment.

Ginger lime

Mint lime

Grape lime

Pineapple lime

Soda lime

Turkish Falafel


Drink juice and stay fresh.

Grape juice

Orange juice

Pineapple juice

Turkish Falafel


You can make every meal into sandwich.

Fried chicken sandwich

Fried beef sandwich

Egg sandwich

Cheese chicken sandwich

Cheese beef sandwich

Burger chicken

Burger beef

Burger veg

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